Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Frustrations on commenting

I haven't posted on this blog because of the work I've done with my two class blogs and the State Agenda Chess Blog I've started. But recently I've experienced a problem that I want to get off my chest (so to speak).

About two weeks ago,(maybe a litte less) my students noticed that when they were doing comments on the class blogs the comment pages had a new format. There were four choices for comment signatures instead of three as there had been in the past. That was when the problem started. None of their commenting would get published. At first I thought Blogger had just stopped giving the them the Green text at the top of the comment page that told them the moderator had received the message. After all the comment signatures had changed maybe then had changed that also. But all 54 of my students comments that week never came to the moderator (i.e. me). The ones who have tried, including myself through the net, every time this week have not been successful at all. It's as if the Publish Comment button has been disabled.

I finally found a place I could contact Blogger/Google about this problem but have not heard back yet. Unsuprising, I created this post as soon as I was done e-mailing them. But I hope they either fix the problem or tell me how to fix the problem. I use the class blogs for weekly reflection journals and have found them to be a useful tool for feedback.