Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Names Change

I thought I had come up with a fairly original name when I changed to Blue Man's Blog. Based on the fact my favorite color is blue, I always wear blue, etc. etc.. But when I saw the special for Blue Man Group on the television last night I figured I better change so I don't have an arguement over copyright.

The last week has been very interesting wrestling with my new e-machine at home. It constantly is trying to update my Microsoft products to versions that I don't want, and it always interupts what I'm doing to ask me if I want to update. If it was human it would have gotten the hint about thirty times ago. I haven't figured how to turn that off yet. I have the automatic update turned off, but the reminder system sees to be controlled elsewhere. I don't know which is worse the updates or on the few updates I do want the validation testing my Microsoft. Its enough to make me start thinking of a different OS.

That got me thinking about the fact that over the last twelve years, between school and home, I have used 17 different OS on 41 different machine platforms. Just counting my personal computers its 7 OS on 12 machines. Bizarre.

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