Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Well the new term has started and I've been using the PowerPoints and screencasts that I prepared to make sure my students had some prior knowledge before we started doing an assignment. I post them as I create them on the class website.Mixed results so far, I found out I need to slow down the speed of the PowerPoints so they can read them better. I guess I overestimated their reading ability. I didn't get all of the screencasts made that I want so I am still working on that. Sometimes I worry that I am doing overkill, but since my students last semester didn't have any prior knowledge to build upon I've tried to prepare for anything they need. I'm looking forward to the first video project that they do. Some of the kids take it seriously, some don't, but that's normal in any class. If they can get through the first project without a lot of problems then I'll feel successful.

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