Monday, April 09, 2007

Time Flies -- Hodgepodge Thoughts

Until I looked at the date on my last post I hadn't realized how long it has been. Time flies when you are doing all that testing. Not that the kids were tested in my class, but they were tested some days in my room, resulting in my having to take my class elsewhere. But Lisa (testing coordinator)really tries hard to make sure I don't move unless she absolutely need the room. I normally act all grumpy, but she does excellent job of rescheduling around my classes. Thanks, Lisa!!
Baseball season started up, especially Double-A here in Wichita, which means the Wranglers are off and running. It hovered between 33 and 40 degrees all weekend and it was COLD. I prepared for it but its a bummer when you buy a hot hot dog and its cold before you get to your seat. I still had ice left at the end of the game so I guess its a mixed blessing. I have front row seats behind home plate and just to the left so I can see all the corners of the plate between the batter and the catcher. Perfect! The Wranglers normally look very rough at the start but this year they look more like they have in May not in April. I take this as a great sign of things to come. They aren't as polished as June but hey not even the Majors are this time of year.
The kids' comments on my class blogs are starting to show improvement in some of their writing. About half of them are writing more and the quality is getting better. The last 8th grade blog comments actually stunned me when I saw who was writing the best comments. Way to go guys!!

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