Thursday, February 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

Between basketball games, parent conferences, secret Valentine's, and all sorts of other stuff I haven't had a lot of time to get much done. I'm the type of person who works on something, then works on something else, then comes back and finishes the 1st thing. Lately, there has been a whole lot of something elses all come up and no coming back to finish. My desk is looking like the bottom of a California mud slide with paper talus instead of mud. Its actually covered my LCD projector. I had a list of things to get done but it was buried about Tuesday and I haven't been able to excavate that far down. How does the shortest month of the year generate the most paperwork? This happens to me every Feb.
New thought. (It was the Feb. that triggered it.)We have finally had a true winter this year. It seems that for the last fifteen years we have a couple of very cold days maybe one bad storm and a few dustings and then a bunch of days of 60, 70, or 80 degree weather. It's a bad enough problem that when I went to buy a coat in November the best I could find was a lined windbreaker, nothing for a true winter. I wonder if the stores will stock something good next year. I have yet to see a true coat on any of my students this year either. There is one here at school but he is not in my class. Most of my kids just wear hoodies and whine about being cold. When I was in Jr. High I wore a parka and sweated to death half the time. Go figure.
Back to the orginal thought. I found my desk calender and changed it from Tuesday to Thursday and actually saw some desktop when I picked it up. Maybe there is hope. Time to put on the hard hat, bring in the backhoe, and get to work.

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